Outlander,  Stagione 1

Nuova Foto Ufficiale di Outlander: Jamie e Black Jack Randall

Sam Heughan e Tobias Menzies ritratti in una scena che raffigura il primo incontro/scontro con Black Jack Randall. In questa scena Jamie dovrebbe avere 19 anni e diverge dai libri in quanto Jamie, anche logisticamente e per un effetto visivo, non è legato al carro ma bensì per i polsi alle porte di Lallybroch e viene frustato col frustino da cavallo di Black Jack come ammonimento a Jenny perché lo faccia entrare in casa.

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“This is actually a scene from Jamie’s initial clash with Jack Randall at Lallybroch(in other words, Jamie’s meant to be nineteen in this scene). In the book, Randall tied him to a wagon-tongue and beat him across the back with the flat of his saber. I imagine that this was logistically difficult to do (Tobias would have needed specially training in how to beat someone with a saber without actually maiming or killing him <g>, for one thing) and perhaps not as striking visually–so they made a minor adaptation, and instead Randall strung Jamie up by the wrists in the entry to Lallybroch and beat him with a riding crop, as a means of inducing Jenny to take him into the house.
This is the sort of minor adaptation I’ve talked about, that preserves the intent and recognition of the story, while changing it slightly for better visual effect.” ~ Diana Gabaldon

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